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Moon Phases

On this post, we will learn a little bit more about moon phases and how to make it delicious! Yes, we’ll make yummy moon-phases with… Oreo! This activity is perfect to keep the little one entertained while learning something new!

oreo moon phases


Why do you the crescent moon on one night and half moon on the other? Well, first of all you have to understand the positioning of Earth, Moon & the Sun. See this diagram below. The sunlight is shown coming from the right, and so the moon’s shadow falls to the left. As it orbits around earth, what you see is the highlighted moon on different angles.

If you find it rather difficult to understand, look at the 4 key stages first. These are, the Full Moon, First quarter, New Moon and the Third Quarter. These are very straight forward and easy to understand. Understanding  the other 4 key stages should not be a problem!

moon phases

Oreo Moon Phases!

So now that you understand  moon phases, we’ll move to the activity bit. It’s easy! Grab 8 Oreos, twist (don’t lick or dunk) and use a butter knife to scrape out the cream in the shapes of the moon phases. Ta-da! Piece of cake (or biscuit)!

Yes, here it is! Unfortunately we had to cut and paste to re-use them because we didn’t have enough Oreos (either in pieces or mysteriously missing). However, we are very happy with the results! :)


Oreo Moon Phases


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